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4 Season 2 Episode

Episode 2

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Episode TitleEpisode 2
Air date2016-05-17

Synopsis of Wentworth S04E02

Following the riot, Bea must balance an uneasy peace with Ferguson with the needs and expectations of the women. Ferguson wants to stamp out drugs inside the prison and for obvious reasons Bea finds herself on common ground with the Governor. But when it becomes clear that Ferguson wants Franky’s head for it, Bea must wonder if, rather than help her cement her position as Top Dog, it may indeed be a ruse to undermine it. Meanwhile, Liz has a difficult reunion with her daughter Sophie and is unsure when Doreen proposes she be the alternate carer when the baby comes. Will is in a happy place and seems to finally be able to put the past behind him is shocked when he is the focus of a murder investigation.

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